Happy Lohri 2012 Everyone

Happy Lohri 2012 Everyone

 We wish everyone a Happy Lohri and a very Happy and Joyous New Year. May the warmth of Lohri bring a lot of comofort, happiness and good health to you all. Like every year, Lohri was a family event with wonderful company and home cooked food :)

Mary Christmas Everyone!

Mary Christmas Everyone!

 December 25th 2011 - Mary Christmas from all of us here at Sharma Family! We love this time of the year, its festivities all around, we did not get any snowfall this time so it was not quite a White X-Mas but we sure would get some soon! Hope you all have Happy Holidays and a wonderful X-Mas and New Years!

Happy Birthday Snow!

Happy Birthday Snow!

January 5th 2012 -  Snowey turned four years old today. She has given us so much warmth and unconditional love over the years, we consider her our first daughter, Shivali's eldest sister. She might look like one but she is anything but a typical Rabbit ! She plays with Humans, prefers their company and at times bullies them  ;-)

Shivali is 3 today

Shivali is 3 today

December 12th  2011 - Shivali turned three years old today, Congratulations girl ! She is truly adorable, past few months she is trying to be really independent and getting good at making art. In her preschool she has made some good friends & brings home a lot of creative art work she makes. Please send your blessings her way :)


Shivalis third Birthday Party

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Shivali's Third Birthday Party on Weekend Dec 17 2011Dec 17 2011, It's Shivali's Birthday Party tonight. A lot of fun and a huge gathering, this will be Shivali's 2nd Birthday Party since her Birthday fell on a weekday, we celebrated that day only with a family party and scheduled the big party event to be held on Saturtday night. Shivali enjoyed a lot with her friends too. The theme for her Birthday was Dora the Explorer, which also happens to be one of her favorite cartoon characters

Shivalis third Birthday today

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Shivali's 3rd Birthday Dec 12 2011Its Shivali's 3rd Birthday today, Dec 12th 2011 :) We are very proud, she has grown up so much and that too so quickly, making us all tall and proud! She is getting good at making art, drawings and craft alike. She brings art work that she creates at pre school also and is praised by her teachers. One of these days I am going to have to create a seperate album for just her art work. She also recently graduated from her first Ballet classes. Since it was a weekeday we only did a small family party at home, the big party is scheduled for the coming Saturday :) watchout! 

Shivalis First Field Trip

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Shivali's First Field TripNov 22, 2011 - Its Shivali's first field trip ever. Thank you to her Sandeep Fufarjee for taking her on this trip with her pre school as both Mom and Dad could not make it (sorry Shivali). Shivali went to Swan Lake Nature's Sanctuary with her Pre School, she was full of stories and enjoyed it a lot, thanks agan Sandeep Bhaiya!



Happy Kanjak 2011

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Happy Kanjak 2011Celebrating Ashtami today with Kanjak's, a family event. This commemorates the end of fasting for the Navratras this month and 8 days of fasting with delicious food Halwa and Puri. Snow and Shivali love it too, with them being the first Kanjaks in the house :) Snow loves the raisins in the Halwa and Shivali loves the money! Hope you all had great Navratras too..


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