Shivali is 3 today

Shivali is 3 today

December 12th  2011 - Shivali turned three years old today, Congratulations girl ! She is truly adorable, past few months she is trying to be really independent and getting good at making art. In her preschool she has made some good friends & brings home a lot of creative art work she makes. Please send your blessings her way :)

Happy Birthday Snow!

Happy Birthday Snow!

January 5th 2012 -  Snowey turned four years old today. She has given us so much warmth and unconditional love over the years, we consider her our first daughter, Shivali's eldest sister. She might look like one but she is anything but a typical Rabbit ! She plays with Humans, prefers their company and at times bullies them  ;-)

Happy Lohri 2012 Everyone

Happy Lohri 2012 Everyone

 We wish everyone a Happy Lohri and a very Happy and Joyous New Year. May the warmth of Lohri bring a lot of comofort, happiness and good health to you all. Like every year, Lohri was a family event with wonderful company and home cooked food :)

Mary Christmas Everyone!

Mary Christmas Everyone!

 December 25th 2011 - Mary Christmas from all of us here at Sharma Family! We love this time of the year, its festivities all around, we did not get any snowfall this time so it was not quite a White X-Mas but we sure would get some soon! Hope you all have Happy Holidays and a wonderful X-Mas and New Years!

Happy Birthday Mummy

Happy Birthday Mummy! May God gift you all the happiness and bless you with his blessings. Another year of your love and warmth that we experienced, your sharing and caring. Thank you for everything. We all wish you a very Happy Birthday, many happy returns of the day to you!

Nikhil and Girija perform at Lakewood with their play group and choir

Nikhil was a part of the play while Girija sang in the choir at the Lakewood Elementary school function. We all (yes, including Shivali :) ) went to watch the play. Do check the pictures! they both were looking fabulous and performed wonderfully. One day we would be going to watch Shivlu in the play

Shivali's Naamkaran Ceremony information

As most of you might be knowing already, Shivali's NaamKaran Sanskaar is being held tomorrow at our house. Directions and other information is as follows:

When: Saturday April 18th, 2008, 12 Noon

Where: At the Sharma residence, 2162 Bellamy Road, Victoria, BC, V9B 6C1

Please note that the Pooja ceremony would start at 11:45 AM, light refreshments along with.  The lunch would be served approximately at 1:30 PM

Second set of vaccinations

It was the second set of 2 vacinations for Shivali today. She cried almost for 5 minutes but the Nurse finally got her distracted with a toy. The poke on the left leg must have hurt...but she was being quite brave. We hope she does not develop a fever for her Naamkaran day on this coming Saturday.

Shivali's First Kanjaks

It's Shivali's first Kanjaks today.  As our 9 day Navratra fasts come to an end, we celebrated the "Aashtami" at our Bellamy house and then Chunmun organized a function at their Pintail house for the Navami. Not to forget, Snow was also included in all the ceremonies

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